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Discover 600 Million Influencers in Seconds

Insightpool’s Universal Search, the “Google for Influencers,” is the most robust influencer database in the world.

Use the new search bar the same way you would use Google. Type in multiple topics to filter through influencers from more than 100 networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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Influencer Marketing Done Right

For the Next Generation of Innovative Marketers

Trusted by the world's most innovative brands looking to achieve measurable success using Influencer Marketing

Cox Communications

Engage Audiences with Curated Content

Cox Communications ran curated social drip marketing campaigns prior and during the Mayweather vs. Maidana fight and the Pacquiao vs. Algieri fight. They curated targeted content to proactively start conversations around both fights and then activate them and track influencers that engaged in conversation.

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Engaged Highly Relevant Influencer Audience

"Through authentic messaging, we were able to activate an audience who was enthusiastic and engaging, sharing personal photos and anecdotes with our brand. With an impressive 27% acquisition rate, that hyper-relevant audience is now a part of the Craftsman Twitter family," says Cristina Cordova, Head of Digital Communities, Social, and Loyalty.

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Drove Word of Mouth and Increased Share of Voice

“As a one man social media team, Insightpool gives me the bandwidth to identify and engage with influencers on social that would have otherwise been hard to find on my own. Not only has DoubleDutch been able to grow our audience significantly during our short time working with Insightpool, but more importantly we’ve been able to engage with hyper-connected, hyper-relevant leads and prospects.” – Justin Gonzalez, Marketing Communications Manager

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Accelerated Webinar Sign Ups on Social

By identifying and nurturing the right influential people, DocuSign saw a 4x increase in web traffic to their webinar registration page. This resulted in an increase warm leads registered for their webinar. Furthermore, the amount of actions (link clicks, likes, shares…) driven from Insightpool had a 56% greater engagement rate than DocuSigns regular messages.

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CCM Hockey

Increase Brand Awareness and Engagement

“Thanks to Insightpool’s powerful tool, we are able to dive deep and strategically engage with key influencers interested in our main topic-hockey. Their metrics have given us reach far beyond our imagination, engaging with people we would have otherwise not found and starting a lasting conversation with them.” – Johanna Miller, Digital Marketing and Social Media Specialist at CCM Hockey

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